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Overcoming my hot-messiness… or hot-messedness… or whatever.

The Commander’s orders means its time to do something that I’ve both been dreading, and looking forward to. New clothes. Once on base, we’ll be in a ‘fish-bowl’ environment. Eyes will be on us. On me. No more anonymous housewife. No more living in sweat pants. (I’m totally good with that last part, by the […]

Bittersweet Happenings

The Commander was supposed to fly to India Friday night, but a big storm blowing up the east coast cancelled his flight. ┬áSo I got extra days with my lovey. We haven’t done much, but boil peanuts (yum), drink tequila, watch movies and talk. I love our weekends. Last Saturday, he cooked for me. He […]

Booze cakes for my lovey

I used to bake for my lovey on the weekends. Then I got out of the habit. Post-surgery, I was only doing the bare minimum to keep us fed, so extraneous time spent on my good foot in the kitchen just didn’t cross my mind for a while. Then we had a house-guest, and I […]


Yucky-pooey. It’s my phrase of the day. I learned it from my eccentric yet love-able auntie ‘Pix’. At long last, my house is clean. I had to spread the work out over two days and take lots of breaks throughout the process, but I finally got it done. It has been so long, I forgot […]