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Mind if I share?

I’m home again with The Commander and I’m glad. I love going to MI, spending time on The Land and having adventures with my folks, but it is ALWAYS good to come home to my lovey. It’s also fun looking back at the so many, many,….many pictures that I took. It was such a great […]

A Correction and Proper Thanks

My follow up post to ‘Another Perfect Day – Part 1’ was going to be Part 2. However, after posting the first one, my mother and aunties corrected me. I had the story wrong. As it turns out, it was my grandmother, not my grandfather who had the vision and pushed for the land purchase. […]

Another Perfect Day – Part 1

The Commander and I drove up to Michigan last week. He went home yesterday, but I stayed behind for some extra family time. I should be inside fixing dinner, but its just so darn nice outside since that ungodly heat-wave broke. I’m sitting on my parent’s back porch listening to birds chirp, the wind blow […]