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And this is why God invented the Dremel Tool.

Aside from the traumatizing hospital stay, my post-op experience has been a breeze this time. No allergic reactions, no wiping out on the crutches, no horrible pain from nerves ‘reawakening’. And at the two-week point my right foot looked better than the left did at two months. The only thing that I’ve had to complain […]

It’s the little things in life….

The Commander left this morning to save the world again. It’ll be a quick trip, but I miss him already. Such is the life of a superhero’s wife. We said our goodbyes and with a sad heart I hobbled back to the kitchen to wash the breakfast dishes. Before I could even get started something […]


My nephew Bjorn turned five on Sunday. I adore this child.   Of course, I adore all of my nieces and nephews. My siblings have a remarkable knack for producing beautiful, smart, funny, interesting little kids. Whenever I visit I attempt to lure one or two of them to sneak home with me in my […]

“If you were a horse…”

The Commander said this to me this morning at breakfast. He’s said it before, but he usually finishes it with “you’d have been put down already.” I guess now it’s just understood.┬áHe says this to me whenever I go off on a “poor me” me rant, which I did this morning. I try not to […]

Mayor of My Couch

My right-foot-otomy was originally scheduled for September 18th. On August 22 I got a call from the surgeon’s office that there had been a cancellation and would I like to go in sooner? Sure. How soon? Aug 30. Yikes. I had one week to prepare. I had two pre-op appointments, cleaned my house from top […]