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The Cone of Shame, and Other Schlemiely Tales…

The Cone of Shame, and Other Schlemiely Tales…

I nearly titled this post “The Cone of Shame, and other schlemiely┬átails” but decided it was too cheesy. I am utterly in love with my little dog. Every time I look at him, I have to smile. Or laugh. There’s just something about that sweet face and wonky-toothed grin… Every person we come across laughs […]

A Ship, a Shark, and a Shitzu

After a lovely week together, The Commander has once again gone away. [insert sad-face here] We didn’t do a whole heck of a lot in Norfolk. When The Commander wasn’t in school we mostly just sat contentedly next to each other and talked, read, or watched the boob-tube. It was nice. We did have a […]

Getting Edumacated

The Commander has been in SWOS (Surface Warfare Officers School) since October. He’s mostly been in RI, but he’s also done stints in San Diego. This week, he’s in Norfolk. Instead of flying, he opted to drive down and pick me up along the way. HOORAY! The Commander and I have had our share of […]