A Ship, a Shark, and a Shitzu

After a lovely week together, The Commander has once again gone away. [insert sad-face here]

We didn’t do a whole heck of a lot in Norfolk. When The Commander wasn’t in school we mostly just sat contentedly next to each other and talked, read, or watched the boob-tube. It was nice.

We did have a few ‘adventures’ before we left. There was the Thrift Store excursion, which was awesome because Norfolk has FANTASTIC thrift stores (if you’re into that sort of thing, which I very much am). We also went to the Navy Museum, which was cool, but if I’m going to be perfectly honest, was nowhere near as cool as the Marine museum in Quantico. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. We toured a decommissioned ship and I got to touch a shark, which equals a great day in my book.


U.S.S. Wisconsin a.k.a. “Whiskey”


Epaulette shark

The Commander left around 4 a.m. today. The big difference with this separation is that I now have a little buddy to keep me company. No, I don’t mean George, although he is still keeping me cozy at night. I mean Mos. My little woofer. I had planned on writing about all of my misadventures in trying to adopt a dog, but that’s a sad story, and I’m sad enough being Commander-less so let’s stick to the happy stuff, eh?

A few weeks ago, when The Commander was on his way down from RI, I was feeling anxious and needed to kill some time. So, I went to the Mutts Matter website to look at cute dogs, and there he was. “Moses” a.k.a “Moe”. I immediately put in a call and scheduled to meet him the next day. It was love at first sight.


What’s not to love? Other than the fact that he needs a hair cut and a bath… But seriously, that grin, those wonky teeth…. I LOVE HIM.

We brought him home on Saturday.

He took to The Commander and me right away. He’s a real snuggle-bug.


getting cozy with The Commander

His name is now Mos Eisley. Sometime last year, while I was convalescing,  The Commander and I played an epic game of Star Wars Legos that lasted until dawn (we don’t play with the x-box often, but when we do, it’s epic). At some point during our game I decided that Mos Eisley would be a great name for a dog. The Commander agreed, and ever since we have referred to our hypothetical pet as “Mos” (pronounced Moze). I’m just tickled pink that he’s finally here.


Now I don’t have to talk to myself anymore… Not that I ever did…


3 comments on “A Ship, a Shark, and a Shitzu

  1. The teeth remind me of Chewbacca!

  2. His face reminds me of YER FACE!!!
    Miss you

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