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Tying up loose ends… Or, really, just one loose end.

For a few weeks there, all of my creative energy was being poured into all things “Wilbur”.  Blankets, booties, sweaters… But with the abrupt ending of my pregnancy came the immediate need to put away all things “Wilbur”, finished or not.

I refocused my energies on a half-finished project from my pre-Wilbur days.

A few months ago, The Commander and I were sorting through some things when we came across his desert-camo uniforms. We re-packed the uniforms and gear, but he told me to pitch the undershirts.

I couldn’t do it. It’s silly, I know. They’re a homely brown, and neither of us would ever wear them. But I just couldn’t part with them. When I see those shirts, I think of our year apart. The year when he worked nearly non-stop over in that dusty kingdom, while I worked as a nanny and a janitor in PA.  For both of us it was a year of challenges and growth (I won’t act like my year had as many challenges as his did, but mine was rough in its own ways…). That year solidified our relationship as one that could withstand time and distance.

So, I stashed those ugly shirts in the back of my closet, which is where things go when I decide to “deal with it later”.

Then The Commander’s mama sent me this awesome tutorial on how to make tee-shirt rugs.


Mos liked the plan, as he is attached to the shirts too.


I decided to also use one of my tee-shirts from that year.


Hey, don’t judge me. I was a nanny, after all. Silly tee-shirts were part of my uniform.

On a side note, I tried donating that shirt at least twice, only to rescue it from the donation bag at the last-minute. I just couldn’t part with it.

I got to work tearing the shirts into strips while Mos supervised.


By the way, if you try this, don’t make your strips too narrow. I suggest no less than an inch wide. That’s easier said than done, unless you cut each strip with scissors instead of tearing madly at the fabric (like some people…).

The tutorial is pictorial, which meant that I had to figure out some stuff by trial and error.  I had to re-start at least a half a dozen times, but with Mos’ support, I figured it out.


Be sure to add stitches as the circumference grows, otherwise you end up with a basket.


I found that periodically laying it out flat helped me monitor that issue. Also, it helps to have a Mos around to assist with the testing of the coziness.


Cozy Mosy…

Mos is good like that.

He’s a big fan of the rug. He’s been enjoying the unfinished product for the last two months.

I finished it last night. It smelled like dog. Mos, specifically. So did I, after having the thing on my lap for two hours while I finished it.


I used multiple skeins of colorful yarn to make it more colorful… Totally unplanned.

He seems to approve of the finished product. I do too.


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