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It’s A Mosiversary

He was advertised as a Shi-Zu, but he’s actually a Lhasa Apso.

When I met him, Mos was malnourished, had a skin condition, a hernia, and was (and still is, apparently), allergic to life. Nevertheless, it was love at first sight.


Mos Eisley

He was rescued from the streets of one of the Carolinas. His long hair was matted, and he was hungry. He was then adopted by an abusive family in MD. They ignored the recommendation to repair his hernia, treated him poorly, and ultimately returned him to the rescue organization, claiming he was agressive.



I reckon that if one is kicked around and not fed well, one might get a bit cranky.



It’s been a year since Mosey joined our family.



 We’ve been through so much together, it really feels like it’s been much longer.

Mr. Mosely

Mr. Mosely

We’ve driven cross-country, just the two of us.



We’ve battled his health issues.


Captain Itchy Pants

He’s kept me company while The Commander was away.


Sir Mooch-A-Lot


Cozy Mosy

I’ve comforted him during time of pain and trauma, and he’s done the same for me.


The Count of Cozy

We’ve tackled a Pitt Bull.

Seriously, I tackled a Pitt Bull to rescue my boy. In retrospect, it wasn’t the wisest thing I’ve ever done, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.


The Most Interesting Dog in the World:
I’m not always adorable, but when I am… well, it’s pretty much always.

He makes me smile and laugh, every day.


Silly Woof

He runs from the neighbor’s Chihuahua, but strolls by the Pitt that attacked him like nothing ever happened.

The Unfortunate Woof

The Unfortunate Woof

He’s terrified of flies. And farts.

He snorts while he sleeps.

Frito Face

Frito Face

He has no interest in chasing or fetching balls or sticks, he’d rather pull apart a ball of yarn.



He growls at The Commander, then snuggles up to him.



Recently, he started doing this:

…which makes me laugh, out loud, every single time I see him do it.

I’m so grateful for my furry friend.

My Furry Lovey

My Furry Lovey

Happy Mosiversary!


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