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O, The Places We’ll Go…


Ancient Aliens?

The Commander and I just came back from an epic, much-needed adventure in Utah. It was our first break together in nearly two years. We’ve had a few long weekends here and there, but not a proper getaway where “Vacation Commander” could come out. I’ve missed Vacation Commander. He’s a riot, and I haven’t seen him in ages. For nearly two years now, he’s been in “Command” mode, gearing up to take command of the ship. He hasn’t really allowed himself any time to just be. So after I picked him up from the pier on his first day as “not EX-O”, we cracked open a bottle of champagne and began to plot our escape.   IMG_0509 We put our cell phones on airplane mode and hit the road. The Commander was all mine. Not the ship’s. Not the Navy’s. He was mine. And it was awesome. We saw dinosaur bones, hoodoos, and petroglyphs; we walked across scary sandstone fins to see stone arches; we drove miles thru beautiful gorges, just soaking in the beauty and the wonder of it all. IMG_0179 We hiked until my toes blistered, and then we hiked some more. We took a bazillion pictures of gorgeous natural wonders. IMG_0563We floated in the Great Salt Lake, saw bison and antelope. We laughed, and dreamed of our future. We sat together, in comfortable silence. We stood in awe, and collapsed in delicious exhaustion. IMG_0218 It was a glorious week.


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