And all that other good stuff

The last several weeks have been chaotic.  I’ve written several blog posts in my head, but in reality I just couldn’t do it.  There’s just been TOO much happening…… Making plans and preparations to move to the other side of the earth only to have everything change, organizing a temporary move in anticipation of a […]

Booze cakes for my lovey

I used to bake for my lovey on the weekends. Then I got out of the habit. Post-surgery, I was only doing the bare minimum to keep us fed, so extraneous time spent on my good foot in the kitchen just didn’t cross my mind for a while. Then we had a house-guest, and I […]

A little naughtiness can be good for the soul

For the most part, The Commander and I eat clean. In doing so, in the past year we’ve both lost and kept off a combined 40 pounds. We like eating clean. It helps that I’m a rock star in the kitchen – The Commander is always happy with what I feed him (well, except for […]

I Gave Up World Domination For A Hot Sandwich

I’ve been trying to get into cooking dinner again, but it’s hard. Last week, after my door-busting grocery shopping trip, I had planned on making one of The Commander’s favorites: spaghetti with homemade meatballs and sauce. But then, I had a session with my massage therapist with whom I have a major love-hate relationship with since the hour […]

Dinner… Procrastinator Style

Halfway through dinner last night the Commander asked if I was going to blog about it.  That means he liked it. The truth is, I really hadn’t put much thought into dinner before I started making it, so a blog post hadn’t even crossed my mind. After returning from Hawaii early last week I put […]

Scar Tissue and Drumsticks

Last night Tom was so happy with the dinner I made that he insisted I post it on my blog. I guess he thinks someone else might enjoy it too. It was delicious, but more importantly, it was easy. Before I tell you about dinner, let me tell you why I needed it to be easy. […]