O, The Places We’ll Go…

The Commander and I just came back from an epic, much-needed adventure in Utah. It was our first break together in nearly two years. We’ve had a few long weekends here and there, but not a proper getaway where “Vacation Commander” could come out. I’ve missed Vacation Commander. He’s a riot, and I haven’t seen […]

You have a choice

I’ve been thinking about Mother’s Day for the past week, or, more specifically, the blog posts about hating it. I don’t understand.  Seriously, of all the Hallmark Holidays to hate, why would you hate  Mother’s Day? “… Mother’s Day celebrates a huge lie about the value of women: that mothers are superior beings, that they […]

There is beauty in the broken

I almost titled this post “I blame my mother”, but then thought better of it. I’m a collector, I always have been; I get it from my parents. Last year, I took a trip to the Lelanau Peninsula with my mom, aunties, and cousins. One day we took a walk on lake Michigan, and in […]

A Blanket of Grief

This Little Housewife has been neglectful, but for good reason. First, I found out I was pregnant. After the initial shock came delight, and lots of knitting. Then came weeks of intense nausea and fatigue. And excitement. Lots of excitement. The Commander dubbed the critter growing inside me “Wilbur” and was ready to run out […]

My heart is rooted elsewhere

Since 2009, I’ve lived in six different states and driven through/visited twice as many others. We live in a beautiful country. The Commander and I often talk about where we’ll settle once he retires from the Navy; there are so many options, so many possibilities. The world is our oyster… or something like that. And […]

I can see Mexico from my house

As many of you know (because, let’s face it, I’m related to 90% of my readers) I joined The Commander in California a few weeks ago. We haven’t lived under the same roof since last October. I have to say, it’s quite nice. I like it. Also, I LOVE it here. It’s 75 and sunny, […]

A Ship, a Shark, and a Shitzu

After a lovely week together, The Commander has once again gone away. [insert sad-face here] We didn’t do a whole heck of a lot in Norfolk. When The Commander wasn’t in school we mostly just sat contentedly next to each other and talked, read, or watched the boob-tube. It was nice. We did have a […]