What’s a party without an Oompa Loompa?

All right, one more post about the end of 2012, then I’m moving on. Unless I remember something else to share. November was crazy busy for The Commander and me. Even so, when he had some time off and was able to come home, he drove me up to Michigan for a few days (I […]

Continuing with the Savoring

Every memory I have of my Uncle Jim involves smiles and laughter. I can’t even picture him without his big, infectious grin. I cannot think of an encounter with him that didn’t involve laughter. In fact, one of my favorite childhood memories is of making Jim laugh so hard he cried. I don’t know what […]

Stop and Savor

I’ve been neglectful of my blog. I hope that the handful of you that actually read this haven’t forgotten about me. I’m still here. The last few months of 2012 were stressful. I won’t go into all of it, but I’ll just say that it was a lot of stuff at once. As a general […]

Keeping Busy

The Commander left for the west coast this morning. We stayed up all night talking, laughing, and watching old episodes of Wipeout. I was barely functioning by the time his ride to the airport showed up at 8:30. I’m not even sure how I made it upstairs to my bed after kissing him goodbye. On […]

And all that other good stuff

The last several weeks have been chaotic.  I’ve written several blog posts in my head, but in reality I just couldn’t do it.  There’s just been TOO much happening…… Making plans and preparations to move to the other side of the earth only to have everything change, organizing a temporary move in anticipation of a […]


My nephew Bjorn turned five on Sunday. I adore this child.   Of course, I adore all of my nieces and nephews. My siblings have a remarkable knack for producing beautiful, smart, funny, interesting little kids. Whenever I visit I attempt to lure one or two of them to sneak home with me in my […]

George’s Big Adventure….. not to be confused with Pee-Wee’s

George and I went on an adventure to Isle Royale. Getting there required an hour and a half flight to Detroit, followed by a nine hour over-night road trip to Houghton, followed by a five hour boat ride across Lake Superior. About to board The Ranger 3 We were welcomed by this face. My brother-in-law […]