It’s A Mosiversary

He was advertised as a Shi-Zu, but he’s actually a Lhasa Apso. When I met him, Mos was malnourished, had a skin condition, a hernia, and was (and still is, apparently), allergic to life. Nevertheless, it was love at first sight. He was rescued from the streets of one of the Carolinas. His long hair […]

Tying up loose ends… Or, really, just one loose end.

For a few weeks there, all of my creative energy was being poured into all things “Wilbur”. ┬áBlankets, booties, sweaters… But with the abrupt ending of my pregnancy came the immediate need to put away all things “Wilbur”, finished or not. I refocused my energies on a half-finished project from my pre-Wilbur days. A few […]

Hey, it’s been a while. Let’s catch up.

I have seriously been neglecting this blog lately. I don’t know if it’s the Georginess of Summer, or that I’ve been traveling and have no lap-top with which to blog my thoughts while on the road, or… Squirrel! My cousin-friend used to write her brilliant-but-short-lived blog on her iPhone. I couldn’t do that. I go […]

The Cone of Shame, and Other Schlemiely Tales…

The Cone of Shame, and Other Schlemiely Tales…

I nearly titled this post “The Cone of Shame, and other schlemiely┬átails” but decided it was too cheesy. I am utterly in love with my little dog. Every time I look at him, I have to smile. Or laugh. There’s just something about that sweet face and wonky-toothed grin… Every person we come across laughs […]

A Ship, a Shark, and a Shitzu

After a lovely week together, The Commander has once again gone away. [insert sad-face here] We didn’t do a whole heck of a lot in Norfolk. When The Commander wasn’t in school we mostly just sat contentedly next to each other and talked, read, or watched the boob-tube. It was nice. We did have a […]