It’s not defeat, it’s just good sense.

Sometimes, I’m a little slow to accept things. Sometimes, I need a smack in the head. Literally. Many months back, I told myself that I was good with an easier pace of exercise. Yoga and longs walks on the beach are a far cry from my history of karate, Krav Maga, and MMA. I love […]

A Blanket of Grief

This Little Housewife has been neglectful, but for good reason. First, I found out I was pregnant. After the initial shock came delight, and lots of knitting. Then came weeks of intense nausea and fatigue. And excitement. Lots of excitement. The Commander dubbed the critter growing inside me “Wilbur” and was ready to run out […]

A Dolla Makes Me Holla!

Have you ever found yourself doing something really stupid, and thought “Hey, I better change my COA (that’s ‘Course Of Action’ for those of you not savvy with military speak) ASAP, before a very unpleasant and foreseeable outcome comes to pass”? Good. Me too. Earlier today, I was feeling bummed out and homesick, so I did […]

New Feets

In case you’ve forgotten, I got new feets. After two major surgeries (combined with two traumatic hospital stays), 12 weeks on crutches, and countless hours of painful rehab… I. Bought. Shoes. I know. Monumental, right? If you’re not excited by that, let me remind you (or maybe tell you for the first time?) that with my […]

Being “Exceptional”

Things have been slightly stressful for The Commander and me lately. Several weeks ago we began the process or getting our overseas medical clearance. This was a slam-dunk for my husband, he’s the picture of health, but I was flagged. The Commander and I had never discussed what we would do if I wasn’t cleared. We […]

And this is why God invented the Dremel Tool.

Aside from the traumatizing hospital stay, my post-op experience has been a breeze this time. No allergic reactions, no wiping out on the crutches, no horrible pain from nerves ‘reawakening’. And at the two-week point my right foot looked better than the left did at two months. The only thing that I’ve had to complain […]

“If you were a horse…”

The Commander said this to me this morning at breakfast. He’s said it before, but he usually finishes it with “you’d have been put down already.” I guess now it’s just understood. He says this to me whenever I go off on a “poor me” me rant, which I did this morning. I try not to […]