“If you were a horse…”

The Commander said this to me this morning at breakfast. He’s said it before, but he usually finishes it with “you’d have been put down already.” I guess now it’s just understood.┬áHe says this to me whenever I go off on a “poor me” me rant, which I did this morning. I try not to […]

Overcoming Excessive Puniness: One glass of wine at a time

I’ve been feeling puny this week. Narcolepsy and my healing foot have been wreaking havoc on my sleep cycle. I wake frequently throughout the night as it is, now I have a foot with nerves randomly and painfully shooting off all night long. On top of that, being Mayor of My Couch is getting old. […]

A Quilt and a Full Bucket – part 1

All day Tuesday, I kept thinking that I’d forgotten something. Around 4 o’ clock I remembered the 4 Patch Kaleidoscope Quilt class I’d signed up for at JoAnne Fabrics several weeks earlier. I went in the next day to see if I could get in on the next class since it was already paid for. […]

Fainting Goat Syndrome

After my last post it occurred to me that folks might wonder what fainting has to do with narcolepsy. Narcolepsy has some fun symptoms which include; hallucinations, sleep paralysis, excessive daytime sleepiness and cataplexy. Cataplexy is a sudden loss of muscle control due to sudden strong emotions like laughing or crying. Or, as in my […]


I completed a sleep study a few weeks ago, at the behest of my neurologist (never mind why I have a neurologist in the first place… it’s a long story). I was surprised to find out that I have very mild sleep apnea – which, as it turns out, almost everyone has – but not […]