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A bitter-sweet Sunday for a proud COW

It’s another lovely, southern California Sunday, at home with my Lovey. Our last, for a while. Mos refuses to acknowledge Father’s Day, and merely growls at The Commander when he attempts to snuggle him. He’s kind of  a shit like that. The Commander is a little behind schedule with breakfast; he’s always in charge of […]

Hey, it’s been a while. Let’s catch up.

I have seriously been neglecting this blog lately. I don’t know if it’s the Georginess of Summer, or that I’ve been traveling and have no lap-top with which to blog my thoughts while on the road, or… Squirrel! My cousin-friend used to write her brilliant-but-short-lived blog on her iPhone. I couldn’t do that. I go […]

Planes, Boats, and Automobiles…..

My house is a wreck. Generally, when I travel I clean the entire house before I leave so I won’t come home to this, but there was just no time. Between The Commander and I, there have been planes, boats, road trips, four states, and three islands. In the midst of all that, the mail […]

Overcoming my hot-messiness… or hot-messedness… or whatever.

The Commander’s orders means its time to do something that I’ve both been dreading, and looking forward to. New clothes. Once on base, we’ll be in a ‘fish-bowl’ environment. Eyes will be on us. On me. No more anonymous housewife. No more living in sweat pants. (I’m totally good with that last part, by the […]

Bittersweet Happenings

The Commander was supposed to fly to India Friday night, but a big storm blowing up the east coast cancelled his flight.  So I got extra days with my lovey. We haven’t done much, but boil peanuts (yum), drink tequila, watch movies and talk. I love our weekends. Last Saturday, he cooked for me. He […]

My Tommy-centric Life

Tom comes home tomorrow. He’s been away for a week. The first six months of marriage he only had to travel for work once. It was to Hawaii. Being the good wife that I am I volunteered to tag along to do his laundry and such. I patiently waited for him on the beach while […]