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It’s not defeat, it’s just good sense.

Sometimes, I’m a little slow to accept things. Sometimes, I need a smack in the head. Literally. Many months back, I told myself that I was good with an easier pace of exercise. Yoga and longs walks on the beach are a far cry from my history of karate, Krav Maga, and MMA. I love […]

Morphine, with a Side of Percocet

I’ve spent the past week in a morphine/percocet haze. It wasn’t all bad. I slept great. I slept a lot. I also watched a lot of tv, because, when you’re in a drug haze, you can’t do much else. I got a new left foot. That’s why I was all doped up. When your foot […]

The Schlemiel Touch

I have a way with machines. And electronics. Its kind of like the Midas Touch, only the exact opposite. I realize, of course that ‘The Touch’ stems entirely from the fact that I don’t understand machinery or electronics, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping me from using them. Once, as a teen, I was […]