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It’s not defeat, it’s just good sense.

Sometimes, I’m a little slow to accept things. Sometimes, I need a smack in the head. Literally. Many months back, I told myself that I was good with an easier pace of exercise. Yoga and longs walks on the beach are a far cry from my history of karate, Krav Maga, and MMA. I love […]

Tying up loose ends… Or, really, just one loose end.

For a few weeks there, all of my creative energy was being poured into all things “Wilbur”.  Blankets, booties, sweaters… But with the abrupt ending of my pregnancy came the immediate need to put away all things “Wilbur”, finished or not. I refocused my energies on a half-finished project from my pre-Wilbur days. A few […]

A Blanket of Grief

This Little Housewife has been neglectful, but for good reason. First, I found out I was pregnant. After the initial shock came delight, and lots of knitting. Then came weeks of intense nausea and fatigue. And excitement. Lots of excitement. The Commander dubbed the critter growing inside me “Wilbur” and was ready to run out […]

A Proud Quickie

You may have already heard, but The Commander was promoted last week.  No longer Lt. Commander, he is now Commander. It’s kind of a big deal. I remember the day he found out that he’d been selected for command, four years ago. We were newly dating and I didn’t understand anything about the military or the […]

My heart is rooted elsewhere

Since 2009, I’ve lived in six different states and driven through/visited twice as many others. We live in a beautiful country. The Commander and I often talk about where we’ll settle once he retires from the Navy; there are so many options, so many possibilities. The world is our oyster… or something like that. And […]

I can see Mexico from my house

As many of you know (because, let’s face it, I’m related to 90% of my readers) I joined The Commander in California a few weeks ago. We haven’t lived under the same roof since last October. I have to say, it’s quite nice. I like it. Also, I LOVE it here. It’s 75 and sunny, […]

The Cone of Shame, and Other Schlemiely Tales…

The Cone of Shame, and Other Schlemiely Tales…

I nearly titled this post “The Cone of Shame, and other schlemiely tails” but decided it was too cheesy. I am utterly in love with my little dog. Every time I look at him, I have to smile. Or laugh. There’s just something about that sweet face and wonky-toothed grin… Every person we come across laughs […]